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Beeswax vs Paraffin

Beeswax vs Paraffin

                               1. what's beeswax and paraffin wax ?

   beeswax :   nature wax produced by honey bees .

   paraffin wax : non-renewable wax created as a byproducts of petroleum .


                                2.what's their charactors in candle use ?

1)  beeswax is non-toxic .but there is harmful chemicals in paraffin wax such as benzene and toluene.

2)beeswax is long burning with sweety smelling ,but paraffin wax burns with chemical taste quickly .

3)beeswax is clean burning ,but paraffin wax will produces a lot of soot .

4)beeswax in naturally dripless ,but parafffin wax is prone to drip .

5)beeswax burn brightly ,but paraffin wax has weak,less brilliant light during buring .

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